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Mount Outram
E.C. Manning Park, BC

About 25 min driving 25km southwest of Hope, BC, we arrvied at the parking lot of Mount Outram at 8am. We geared up and started the hike on the Mount Outram trail. 

Normal trail conditions for the first 4 kms was steady elevation with lush greenery in the forest.  At about 1300m of elevation, small snow patched and banks began to appear. As the snow began to become more abundant, we strapped on our crampons and continued on. At around 1550m of elevation and just before the lake, the semi frozen snow covered all the meadows. We then had to improvise where the trail is and used our GPX. 

A few kilometers after passing the lake, there were some scrambling parts that were not covered in snow. However, the last kilometer or so, the trail was completely covered. We had to trend carefully as there were a few crevasses nearby. 

Once at the summit of Outram, we were greeted with mountain views of Skagit Valley and US Coastal. 

Elevation gain: approx. 1,801m
Mountain Height: approx. 2,235m
Distance: 19 km roundtrip
Level: Intermediate
Time: 7-8 hours round trip

AllTrails GPX Route Link

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