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About Me

by Aaron Wong


I’m Aaron and I would just like to write a bit about myself.

I’m originally from Saskatoon and now living in beautiful Vancouver, BC. My interest includes the great outdoors and travelling around the world.

After graduating from a technical college in my hometown and earned my bachelor’s degree in Victoria, I decided to venture off in this exciting world for a few years which ended up to be nearly a decade of working and living abroad as an expatriate in many of the Asian countries.

At the moment, I’m settled in Vancouver with a real estate career that I love, and enjoy being around lakes and mountains. Of course, if you need help in real estate, I’m there for ya! Feel free to drop me a line anytime or visit my real estate website at www.renanza.com

I created this blog site to share my experiences and journey with everyone who may find this blog useful, and possibly connect to share experiences.

Happy Travels & Journeys!

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