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West Coast Trail – Day Five

by Aaron Wong
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Walbran Creek to Camper Creek

I woke up at 6am to the sounds of light rain drops and birds are chirping. As I was Still in my sleeping bag waiting for the clouds to clear and the sun to come out. 

Eventually, I dragged my butt out of my sleeping bag, out of the tent, with clouds and light rain. It was alright but I would prefer it to be sunny. Since we had the last 4 days of nice weather without rain hiking along the beach, I knew in this trip there has to be at least 1 day of rain. 

So I got out of my tent and did my morning thing; went to the outhouse and pooped as my usual morning routine. Then I washed up and brushed my teeth. 

Before everyone else woke up, I decided to move out communal hour to a drier area under the trees and closer to where the girls camped. Then went to fetch our dry bags from the bear cache near the outhouse. 

Everyone then woke up at 9am and did their morning routine. We all had breakfast together and chilled for a bit. Then began to pack up around 10am. It was still raining a bit and wet, so it took us a bit of time to pack up.

Although we had a late start, we knew it was going to be a shorter hike from Walbran to Camper Creek. So we left Walbran at 10:40am and starting hiking towards Campers Creek. The rain drops where light, and forested trails were muddy. There were many alders and puddles along the way. Also ladders going up and down. Some parts of the trail was slippery especially trekking on and over logs and rocks. We went on some boardwalks that were loose and in need of repair. 

Just after the 55km mark at 12:10noon, we had to climb down about 6 flights of ladders to  reach the suspension bridge. Then up the ladders again back to our trail. 

After hiking for an hour or so, we went down 6 flights of stairs to the cable car. Since the tide was low, we chose to cross the river and stopped at an area to have a quick lunch near the river bed. We then continued to hike passing Callite Creek Camp and going up 9 flights pf ladders. 

At 2:30pm, after 55km we crossed another bridge and again going up and down the ladders. The rain finally stopped and the sun came out for a bit. The forest was cool but not windy at all.

Finally, at 4:40pm, we climbed down the last ladders for the day and arrived at Campers Creek. It was a quick 6 hour hike. Although we hiked in the wet forest and the terrain was quite different from the last 4 days, it was a nice change.

At Camper, we unpacked our wet clothes and tent and lay them out on the rocks while the sun was still out. Camper Creek isn’t like other campgrounds. It was not beach like but we did have a river nearby south of our set up. 

Since the sun was still out, I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather, so I went to the river for a dip and to wash up. The water was not that cold and was nice to soak my feet in the water as I had blisters on my toes

After that, around 6pm, we made a communal area using rocks as tables and chairs. There was hardly any logs around but rocks would do just fine. Karlie was ready to have her dinner and she was alway the first sitting at the communal area. We all started to cook around 6:30pm. The best moments of WCT cooking dinner and socially bonding with each other while enjoying the sunsets and sounds of nature. It was timeless.

As the sun began to hide behind the wall of the cove, it got quite windy and cool. It’s too bad we couldn’t start a campfire as there was a ban during that time. So we dressed up in our warm clothing layers and filled our bodies with hot drinks. Also wrapped ourselves in an emergency blanket to keep us warm.

The sun has finally began to set at around 9:30pm. After having another amazing day, we all decided to hit the sack after cleaning up our portable pots and utensils. Then placed our dry bags and food in the bear cache just nearby the outhouse.

As tomorrow, which will be our last overnight, we were looking forward in hiking along the beach to Owen Point.

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